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You have to find it, round 2

Friday was Abigail’s birthday and one of her gifts was a kids digital camcorder.  She was very careful to keep this gift away from Madeline and Jake.  Or so she thought.

Friday night she carefully put the camera on top of the fire place where she thought it was safe.  Saturday morning was the start of the hunt.We have been searching and searching and searching for the missing camera.  Abigail was sure that Maddy was the one behind the missing camera, but until this afternoon I was not ready to place the blame on anyone.

We have been asking Maddy since Saturday if she knows where the camera is.  It has been a wild goose chase.  She told Chris that it was down stairs where the toys live.  He looked, but no luck.  This morning I sent her down to look and she came up a minute later and said its not down stairs.  I asked her why she told Daddy it was down there? Her answer “because when he went down to look, she was upstairs and got the bag of cookies”.  Makes sense to me.

I have pulled apart every closet in the house, unmade every bed, emptied the dressers, taken the cushions off the couches, moved the couches, searched the playroom, my car and outside.  No camera.  After almost 4 days of looking I was sure that Abigail must have taken it to the restaurant we went for her birthday and left it.  So today I went to see if they found it. The waitress who waited on us said they did not find anything and helped me move the booth to look around where we sat.

After I picked Abigail up from school we came home to look some more.  I was really starting to think it was not going to be found.  So after pulling my house apart all day I found the camera in an old diaper bag that was in the living room, right out in the open.   I was so excited that I was jumping up and down and yelling.  Maddy looked over to see me holding the camera in the air yelling, “I found it”!  The look on her face was priceless.  Just a little smirk said it all.


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You’re not invited to my birthday!

As most moms of pre school age kids know, the worlds biggest “slam” is   “you’re not invited to my birthday”.  It does not matter if  said birthday is days or months away.  My 5 year old has come home a few times this year and cried “so and so said I not invited to his birthday”. And I have been told countless times “you can’t come to my birthday”.  I think I am going to use it in place of f*ck off from now on.

Having that been said,  thank you all for your comments,  If you have left a comment and it does not show up under comments it is because I believe if you have nothing nice to say you should not say anything at all. And,  You are not invited to my birthday!

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My 5 year old

Today Abigail is 5.  It is different than any other year so far.  Before this her birthday requests were little kid things, this year she asked for money and an i pod. (Sadly for her, I think an i pod is as appropriate a gift  for child under 10 as it is for the Queen. ) Before this year party themes were Dora, Abby Cadabby, and Disney Princess.  This year she wanted a Medieval Party.  Before this year she always wore a pretty dress on her birthday, today she wanted to wear cool cargo capris and a 3/4 sleeve tee from “the big girl store”.  (I think she has made the jump from Gymboree to Justice and is not looking back. )

Last week I heard her 3 year old voice on an answering machine.  “Grandma, I got my Ponyscotch”. She was so excited that day, she had saved for almost a year to buy a fur real friends pony and had finally gotten it.  We drove to toys r us and she handed the clerk her $260 (most of it was small bills) and proudly left the store with the toy she had wanted most in the world. She was so excited to have everyone come and see her pony, the pony that is now being sold on e-bay because her older, wiser self  wants something that does a little more than just stand in the middle of the room and make noise.

I am amazed by her every day.  And I adore the little girl she is becoming.  But this morning, as she was getting ready for school and I was telling her about the morning she was born a small part of me wished for that sweet baby girl I fell in love with 5 years ago.  A bigger part of me wants to just enjoy every moment of who she is, because she is growing up so quickly.

Happy Birthday Abigail! I Love You!

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The mom suit

I am not feeling very creative today, so I am just going to post a clip from Scrubs last week.

I could not stop laughing about Carla’s “mom suit”. I think I found it so funny because it is so true. My summer wardrobe is looking more and more like that. The more children I have, the more bating suit I have.

I have the shorts she is wearing. I think I have them in 4 different colors.

You will never catch me in a sun hat.  The rest,  sadly is pretty likely right down to the goofy smile and wave.  Chris you are a lucky man!

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You need to get out without your kids when….

  • You are cleaning the house and listing to Jacks big music show (and enjoying it) when your children are not in the room. The music is not to bad, most of it has a pretty good beat.
  • You say “do Mommy a favor” to you husband, when you need him to bring the laundry down stairs. This will freak out all parties involved.
  • You prefer apple juice to coffee. (just a little glass before I have my coffee)
  • When in the car with just your husband you put on the Backyardigans cd because you can’t agree on anything else. The Backyardigans are the best. I love Quest for the flying rock and Legend of the volcano sisters. (If you know the episodes that well and have a favorite you need to get out more.)What is worse than having a favorite, I know my best friends favorite.
  • You “rock” the cart in the grocery store when the baby is at home. Or bounce when no one is on your hip.
  • You look forward to picking a 4 year old up from school, because of the conversation. It is the closest thing to “grown up talk” I get some days.
  • A banana, string cheese, and some goldfish sound like a perfect meal to you.
  • Everything on the kid’s menu looks better than the regular menu. Mac and cheeses and chicken fingers should be available to everyone.
  • You are so excited to get to the craft store for new finger paint.
  • You can’t help but be a little sad that Libby Lu is closed. I know that place was pure evil, but it was a fun day out for us girls.
  • The craziest party you have attended lately was the celebration after your 2 year old used the potty.
  • You have a song you sing for everything! My life has more song in it than West Side Story.  We have a macaroni song, a breakfast song, a song for changing diapers, a song for going in the car, a song for cleaning up, and countless other songs.  I have a horrible voice and have not stopped singing for 5 years.

Add your “I know I needed to get out more” things in the comments, it will be fun (and a little sad) to see.

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The apple dosent fall far from the tree.

My husband is awesome.  He is a great father and a fantastic husband.  And I am lucky to have kids that are a lot like him.  He is the one in our relationship with the great personality. He is an easy going, relaxed, nice person who makes people feel comfortable.  Me, not so much.  I am not to easy going. And I have a habit of telling it like it is.

Like I said before, our kids seem to have gotten a lot of their personality from him.  They all have their moments, but for the most part are pretty laid back.  They all make friends pretty easily, and I can’t picture any one of them giving someone the finger during their wedding reception, or telling their boss that they hate him and that he is a douche bag. (Not that I know anyone who has done that.) The good looks we can all agree they got from me, but the rest is him. Especially his eating habits.

My husband is a really picky eater.  As a child he would only eat pb&j, wagon wheel pasta, and cheese.  Maddy has always been a challenge to feed. Very little fruit, the only vegetable she eats is broccoli, and she very rarely eats meat.  So what does that leave?  PB&J, pasta, potatoes, eggs, and cheese.  Like father like daughter.  Today he was especially proud of her because she expressed her dislike of mayo, something he HATES. When she was talking about lunch today she said my sandwich has ham, turkey, and yucky on it.

Jake has always been a great eater. We never had any problems feeding him. Until last week.  He decided that all he wants to eat is string cheese, bananas, and eggs.  Thanks so much Daddy.

Abby may be more like me than I thought.  She will always try new things and likes vegetables.  Oh, and there was that time she called Chris a big stupid douche bag.

At least I got one of them.

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You have to find it

In the eyes of a two year old everything is a game.  Two year olds have a lot of fun and get a real kick out of themselves.  Most of the time the people around them think they are pretty funny too.  But it is not always time for a game and I can  not always sit back and play along.  Sometimes we actually have to get something done, or go someplace.

Maddy’s newest game is one that I am finding I have less and less patience for.  She has decided that she loves to play “you have to find it”.   In this game she will hide something that does not belong to her and sit back and enjoy us all searching for it.  It is not always something she hides, she also likes to play when she knows where something you are looking for is, like your keys, or a baby shoe.  The usual victim of her game is Abby.  She hides things and makes Abby look and look for them.  After Abby has looked and cannot find it,  Maddy sweeps in like the hero and produces Baby Alive or whatever it is that is missing.

Yesterday was my turn to play “you have to find it”.  We were on our way out the door and I could not find my keys.  (I have a habit of putting them down anywhere and not being able to find them when it is time to go. )

Me-  “Maddy, do you know where Mommy’s keys are?”

Maddy-  “You have to find them.”  (in a lovely sing song voice)

Me- “Come on Maddy, we have to pick Gabe up.”

Maddy- “You have to find it.” (same voice)

Me-  “We really have to go, don’t you want to play with Gabe?”  (getting a little annoyed)

Maddy-  “Just look for them, it’s easy.”

Me-  (done with the game)  “Just tell me wher the keys are so we can go.”

Maddy- (laughing)  “It’s right behind you, you Chump!”

Me- (with the keys in my hand now)  “What did you just call me?”

Maddy- “Chump, I say you Chump.”

Me- “Thats not nice, it’s kind of fresh.”

Maddy- “No, it’s kind of funny”

What could I say to that? It was pretty funny. She called me a chump.

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