What Dads do

Last night I enjoyed a great night out with a friend and the kids enjoyed a great  night in with their Dad.  Whenever a Mom goes out for an entire evening she thinks about everything that is going on at home.    Will they eat?  Will they get a bath?  Will they go to bed on time?

Last night was no different.  The kids were going crazy before I left and a big part of me wanted to stay home because I knew it would not be an easy night.  But a bigger part of me was yelling, “Run!  Get out wile you can!  Don’t look back!”  So I went out and had a wonderful time.  Were the dishes done when I got home? No, but he did them before he went to bed.  Did the kids go to bed on time? No, but they were all asleep and safe when I got home.  And they had a lot of fun with their Dad. They did arts and crafts and some science experiments.

For a split second I was a little upset to find out the kids were up until after 9, and a little annoyed by the dishes in the sink.  But I realized that as moms we always keep a list of what we have to do.  We can’t see past the dishes in the sink and just have fun. I am a little jealous of a dads ability to just have fun with his kids.  We could all learn a lot from our husbands.

Next time you go out for an evening, instead of bitching about what your husband did not do, thank  him for what he did do.  Spending time with them is worth so much more than early bed times and and empty sink.  The memories my children will have of the time they spend with Chris will all be happy ones.



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  1. 1

    Momma D said,

    exactly. kids weren’t bathed & they stayed up to play a video game. but they loved it, and so did john. plus we should be thanking our lucky stars that we have hubby’s who can handle our combined seven kiddos sans mommy. and nobody got hurt!

    we must run, get out why we can again soon…

  2. 2

    grandma said,

    thank you
    that was so sweet..brought tears to my ears
    I am so proud of him

  3. 3

    grandma said,

    I meant eyes!

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