I was recently informed by Abigail that next year she will be taking karate instead of ballet. As I am sure you can imagine I was a little surprised by this.  Abigail? Karate?  No pink? No hearts? No rainbows? This makes no sense to me at all.  But hey, I’m pretty easy going.  I told her we will look into it. That was last week and we have not heard anything more about it,  until today.

Today when it was time to get ready for dance class Abigail wanted to skip. (I let her skip once when she was really over tired and now she wants to every week. ) We explained commitment and how important it was to finish what you start.  She made a commitment to dance and she has to stick with it until the performance in June and then she can stop going.  She of course in her, I’m 5 but way smarter than you, and I have an answer for everything voice informed us that  Mommy made this commitment, she never wanted to dance, and only ever wants to do karate.

Yes world, I have been forcing my 5 year old who plans to be a radio city rockette when she grow up to go to dance.  (Apparently the kicking learned in karate is more helpful in becoming a rockette than dance class is. )

We power through the “you are making me go to dance” meltdown, and start to get dressed for dance class.  Today is a little different because the girls were asked to wear a black leotard and white tights with no tutu.  Abigail is a tutu girl.  A tutu girl who completely lost it when she found out she was not going to wear anything “fancy” to dance today.  So we spent extra time on her hair and put a little lip gloss on so she had a little something special.  Black and white is no fun.  She really wanted some pink.  Do they have any pink in karate?

On the way home from dance Abigail had some questions for me about karate.

Abigail- “Is karate girlie?”

Me- “It is not just for boys, or just for girls.”

Abigail- “But is it girlie?”

Me- “No, it’s not really girlie.”

Abigail- “Do they have any pink?”

Me- “No , they wear a white uniform with a belt.”

Abigail- ” They all have to wear the same costume?”

(Notice she says costume, clearly this is a girl who is made for karate.)

Me- “Yes, they all wear the same uniform.”

Abigail- “So, no tutus?”

Me- “No”

Abigail- “I don’t want to go to karate.”

Me- “Why? Because they don’t have tutus?”

Abigail- “Because it’s for boys, and I’m too nice to hit people.”



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  1. 1

    Momma D said,

    i could soooo see u having the same reaction to the no pink, no tutu rule! i think gabriel will be headed to karate, let her know when she heads to the big school gabriel will have her back. but then again it’s abigail, she’ll probably knock them out herself 😉

  2. 2

    Emma said,

    I can see this whole conversation happening!!! I could also see her asking when she would get her PINK BELT in Karate.

  3. 3

    grandma said,

    this is HYSTERICAL!
    Pure Abby….
    Is it girly? Do they wear pink? too nice to hit people!
    I love it

    and the photo is adorable

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