A hot dog with what?

Any one who knows Maddy knows that once she has her mind made up about something her mind is made up.  So today when she did not want to eat her lunch because it was not pb&j I decided that I had to be just as stubborn as her.  Chris had made hot dogs for lunch and that is what she was going to eat.  I let her eat in the living room watching t.v.. When that did not work she had to come and sit at the table.  She sat there, and would have sat there all day before she ate the hot dog.

I offered her ketchup to dip it in. No. Mustard, nope. Mayo, no. Ranch dressing, no. Chris offered hot sauce. Still no.  I decided to just get silly.  She had decided she was not going to eat it and unless we could get her out of the bad mood she was in it was going to be a long afternoon of her sitting at the table.  So in my silliness I suggested chocolate syrup.  And she said yes!   For lunch my 2 year old ate a hot dog dipped in Hersey’s chocolate syrup.  GROSS!!!!!

I never expected her to say yes to that.  She was supposed to laugh at the thought of  a chocolate hot dog.

I could not even watch as she ate.  And she ate all of  it!


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    MOMSTAR said,

    This is really funny;) My oldest daughter never really eats anything(she has a few favorite things she like to eat) Anyway if I asked her if she wanted to eat that she would probably jump at the chance also. She will eat anything with chocolate on it;) The thing is as I am reading this I feel like throwing up at the thought of it;)


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