My Beautiful Ballerina

DSCF6522I had planed on writing all about Abigail’s recital this weekend.  But I can not find words to describe the way I felt watching her dance on that stage. It was without question one of  my top parenting moments.

She was so happy up on the stage. She had the biggest smile up there. (I think, I never took my eyes off  her so I am not even sure if there were any other kids with her on stage.) And the more she smiled the more I smiled.  Wile she was dancing I was sitting there thinking so many things.  I was thinking “She is so beautiful”, “when did she get so big” (no Mom, it was not when she put eye makeup on.) and “I am so lucky”.


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  1. 1

    Emma said,

    Just so you know, those statements will last your lifetime. I am still saying those same things about you!!! I love you.

  2. 2

    Grandma said,

    she IS beautiful…and you ARE lucky…
    but so is she….to have a mom like you who cares so much, who does so much for and with her kids…it is a wonderful thing..
    and you are right about her face on that stage: radiant

  3. 3

    She looks awesome, almost like she should have her own giant float with big paper mache pieces of jewelry and twirl around like she’s in a jewelry box!

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