This is Me

My story is that of a true fairy tale. Not the fluffy Cinderella type but the messed up Hansel and Gretel type. You know where it all stats out good.  A  nice walk in the forest, then something bad happens.  Oh things are looking up a house made of candy. WTF a witch is going to eat the kids. OH, thank god the kids are safe. Happy ending! But why did their parents lead them out into the woods to begin with? In a strange way this is how I see my life. A  lot of  sadness  leading up to my happily ever after. And a lot of questions left unanswered.

So a little about me. I live with my wonderful prince charming and 3 children some place between OZ and Neverland.

I believe that family is everything.  I don’t fear becoming my mother, I pray I have her strength someday.  My Dad will always be my hero. I am who I am today because of them.  So you can thank them(or egg their house).


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    shelley said,

    hi there, i’m shelley and i’m new to the “follow me” group… just wanted to make sure i was following you. i look forward to reading your blog and sharing stories! happy wednesday! ❤

  2. 2

    ahappyhippymom said,

    Hi! I am Michelle (ahappyhippy mom) from MBC and am your newest follower!

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