Why 5 year olds are not scientists

Abigail loves science, so when she got a science experiment kit for her birthday she could not wait to get started.  The first experiment she did was mixing citric acid and baking soda in a cup of water.  The little “interruption” (eruption) it made was cool.  She was pretty excited about it and of course wanted to do more of the experiments.  So Chris asked her if she wanted to see what would happen if they did the same thing, but used double the citric acid and baking soda.  She was more than willing to give this a try and could not wait to see what would happen.

Just as Chris was about to add the citric acid Abigail added, “I hope it does not kill us!”

Chris asked her if she thought it would to which she replied “I hope not”.

He explained that a scientist has to have some kind of idea what will happen so that no one gets hurt. (Yes my 5 year old now understands what a hypothesis is.)  Being only 5, Abigail was not sure what would happen.  When they did it the first time it “exploded”.  She understands that adding more will make the “explosion” bigger.  But does not know how much bigger.

After giving her some time to think about it Chris asked her if she thought it would kill them.  She answered, I don’t know, then braced for the worst as he added the chemicals.


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I was recently informed by Abigail that next year she will be taking karate instead of ballet. As I am sure you can imagine I was a little surprised by this.  Abigail? Karate?  No pink? No hearts? No rainbows? This makes no sense to me at all.  But hey, I’m pretty easy going.  I told her we will look into it. That was last week and we have not heard anything more about it,  until today.

Today when it was time to get ready for dance class Abigail wanted to skip. (I let her skip once when she was really over tired and now she wants to every week. ) We explained commitment and how important it was to finish what you start.  She made a commitment to dance and she has to stick with it until the performance in June and then she can stop going.  She of course in her, I’m 5 but way smarter than you, and I have an answer for everything voice informed us that  Mommy made this commitment, she never wanted to dance, and only ever wants to do karate.

Yes world, I have been forcing my 5 year old who plans to be a radio city rockette when she grow up to go to dance.  (Apparently the kicking learned in karate is more helpful in becoming a rockette than dance class is. )

We power through the “you are making me go to dance” meltdown, and start to get dressed for dance class.  Today is a little different because the girls were asked to wear a black leotard and white tights with no tutu.  Abigail is a tutu girl.  A tutu girl who completely lost it when she found out she was not going to wear anything “fancy” to dance today.  So we spent extra time on her hair and put a little lip gloss on so she had a little something special.  Black and white is no fun.  She really wanted some pink.  Do they have any pink in karate?

On the way home from dance Abigail had some questions for me about karate.

Abigail- “Is karate girlie?”

Me- “It is not just for boys, or just for girls.”

Abigail- “But is it girlie?”

Me- “No, it’s not really girlie.”

Abigail- “Do they have any pink?”

Me- “No , they wear a white uniform with a belt.”

Abigail- ” They all have to wear the same costume?”

(Notice she says costume, clearly this is a girl who is made for karate.)

Me- “Yes, they all wear the same uniform.”

Abigail- “So, no tutus?”

Me- “No”

Abigail- “I don’t want to go to karate.”

Me- “Why? Because they don’t have tutus?”

Abigail- “Because it’s for boys, and I’m too nice to hit people.”


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What Dads do

Last night I enjoyed a great night out with a friend and the kids enjoyed a great  night in with their Dad.  Whenever a Mom goes out for an entire evening she thinks about everything that is going on at home.    Will they eat?  Will they get a bath?  Will they go to bed on time?

Last night was no different.  The kids were going crazy before I left and a big part of me wanted to stay home because I knew it would not be an easy night.  But a bigger part of me was yelling, “Run!  Get out wile you can!  Don’t look back!”  So I went out and had a wonderful time.  Were the dishes done when I got home? No, but he did them before he went to bed.  Did the kids go to bed on time? No, but they were all asleep and safe when I got home.  And they had a lot of fun with their Dad. They did arts and crafts and some science experiments.

For a split second I was a little upset to find out the kids were up until after 9, and a little annoyed by the dishes in the sink.  But I realized that as moms we always keep a list of what we have to do.  We can’t see past the dishes in the sink and just have fun. I am a little jealous of a dads ability to just have fun with his kids.  We could all learn a lot from our husbands.

Next time you go out for an evening, instead of bitching about what your husband did not do, thank  him for what he did do.  Spending time with them is worth so much more than early bed times and and empty sink.  The memories my children will have of the time they spend with Chris will all be happy ones.


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You have to find it, round 2

Friday was Abigail’s birthday and one of her gifts was a kids digital camcorder.  She was very careful to keep this gift away from Madeline and Jake.  Or so she thought.

Friday night she carefully put the camera on top of the fire place where she thought it was safe.  Saturday morning was the start of the hunt.We have been searching and searching and searching for the missing camera.  Abigail was sure that Maddy was the one behind the missing camera, but until this afternoon I was not ready to place the blame on anyone.

We have been asking Maddy since Saturday if she knows where the camera is.  It has been a wild goose chase.  She told Chris that it was down stairs where the toys live.  He looked, but no luck.  This morning I sent her down to look and she came up a minute later and said its not down stairs.  I asked her why she told Daddy it was down there? Her answer “because when he went down to look, she was upstairs and got the bag of cookies”.  Makes sense to me.

I have pulled apart every closet in the house, unmade every bed, emptied the dressers, taken the cushions off the couches, moved the couches, searched the playroom, my car and outside.  No camera.  After almost 4 days of looking I was sure that Abigail must have taken it to the restaurant we went for her birthday and left it.  So today I went to see if they found it. The waitress who waited on us said they did not find anything and helped me move the booth to look around where we sat.

After I picked Abigail up from school we came home to look some more.  I was really starting to think it was not going to be found.  So after pulling my house apart all day I found the camera in an old diaper bag that was in the living room, right out in the open.   I was so excited that I was jumping up and down and yelling.  Maddy looked over to see me holding the camera in the air yelling, “I found it”!  The look on her face was priceless.  Just a little smirk said it all.

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You’re not invited to my birthday!

As most moms of pre school age kids know, the worlds biggest “slam” is   “you’re not invited to my birthday”.  It does not matter if  said birthday is days or months away.  My 5 year old has come home a few times this year and cried “so and so said I not invited to his birthday”. And I have been told countless times “you can’t come to my birthday”.  I think I am going to use it in place of f*ck off from now on.

Having that been said,  thank you all for your comments,  If you have left a comment and it does not show up under comments it is because I believe if you have nothing nice to say you should not say anything at all. And,  You are not invited to my birthday!

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My 5 year old

Today Abigail is 5.  It is different than any other year so far.  Before this her birthday requests were little kid things, this year she asked for money and an i pod. (Sadly for her, I think an i pod is as appropriate a gift  for child under 10 as it is for the Queen. ) Before this year party themes were Dora, Abby Cadabby, and Disney Princess.  This year she wanted a Medieval Party.  Before this year she always wore a pretty dress on her birthday, today she wanted to wear cool cargo capris and a 3/4 sleeve tee from “the big girl store”.  (I think she has made the jump from Gymboree to Justice and is not looking back. )

Last week I heard her 3 year old voice on an answering machine.  “Grandma, I got my Ponyscotch”. She was so excited that day, she had saved for almost a year to buy a fur real friends pony and had finally gotten it.  We drove to toys r us and she handed the clerk her $260 (most of it was small bills) and proudly left the store with the toy she had wanted most in the world. She was so excited to have everyone come and see her pony, the pony that is now being sold on e-bay because her older, wiser self  wants something that does a little more than just stand in the middle of the room and make noise.

I am amazed by her every day.  And I adore the little girl she is becoming.  But this morning, as she was getting ready for school and I was telling her about the morning she was born a small part of me wished for that sweet baby girl I fell in love with 5 years ago.  A bigger part of me wants to just enjoy every moment of who she is, because she is growing up so quickly.

Happy Birthday Abigail! I Love You!

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The mom suit

I am not feeling very creative today, so I am just going to post a clip from Scrubs last week.

I could not stop laughing about Carla’s “mom suit”. I think I found it so funny because it is so true. My summer wardrobe is looking more and more like that. The more children I have, the more bating suit I have.

I have the shorts she is wearing. I think I have them in 4 different colors.

You will never catch me in a sun hat.  The rest,  sadly is pretty likely right down to the goofy smile and wave.  Chris you are a lucky man!

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